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The “Beat’s Interior” seeks to answer the simple question: What does the inside of a beat look like? This thesis provides a solution as an audiovisual projection-mapping project inspired by the song, “Pyramids” by Frank Ocean. It explores the relationship between music and architecture. Influenced by scientific theories of cosmic space and the philosophical ideas of space and rhythm, this installation becomes an immersive experience within a constructed form.


Original video is mapped onto the skin of the dome using four projectors that are orchestrated through Madmapper. Eight individual parts of a single track are played separately on designated stereos located on the periphery of the room. Changes in the video and music are triggered by GyrOSC data filtered into Max/MSP/Jitter.

Co-Collaborators: JP Verheul, Virginia Comparini, Thomas Tucker, Dongsoo Choi, Carol Burch-Brown, Dr. Simone Paterson and Dr. Charles Nichols

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